What sets the stage for human events looks like a freakshow composed of self-deceit, constant miscommunication, avoidance of self-responsibility, materialism, entitlement, self-righteousness, bureaucracy, and sadomasochism.

In cultures of pervasive distraction, emotional investments are placed in something supposedly greater than oneself so as to justify some nagging sense of insignificance and to fill that existential void. 

What you get is a human world of conflicting belief systems that are taken for granted, with rehearsed talking points on all sides, as well as violence and death.

“Earth and Blood” is devoted to the games people play, where the individual stands amongst the collective, and the physical reality of what we have always been.

Ultimately, at the end of all projection and satire, this is based on fundamental gratitude for life, along with fascination and curiosity for why this species “is what it is.”