Scott Cook

Who are You?

I am a native of the state of Wisconsin in the US, and I have created “art” in some form or another in a relatively serious capacity for the better part of the past 20 years.

In general, my work seems to revolve around the subject of the individual amidst so many dimensions of human experience as well as time and space. This includes the ideologies and illusions of the times that we remain dedicated to wasting away in the midst of due to the fact that we’re horrible communicators on both interpersonal and internal levels.

What I see as a solution involves a physiological grounding as an antidote to collective neurosis with reference to certain elements (especially earth, blood, roots, ocean, sun and black sun) as the focal point. The various forms of art that I’ve always been inspired by have all had this in common: The alchemical shift on an individual level with traditional painting as a catalyst (especially in response to sadomasochistic child abuse and its echoes into adulthood), and that has been just one of the things I’ve gravitated toward with regards to art and the endless ways it can be misinterpreted.

Flooding the Labyrinth

This current series (2018) revolves around the concept of the collective experience of time, ideology and distraction in the context of the rise and fall of civilizations.

The core premise within this involves the delicate process of creating and nurturing something with all the superhuman motivation of desire and love, knowing that it will end at some point in this existence, but cultivating the self-awareness that transcends the nihilism, apathy, and complacency projected by those around you, knowing that this definition of love and will has been at the core of evolution since pre-history.