I’ve always been fascinated with the literal and figurative bloating of a human being, and the compulsion to fill a void or vacuum that’s created somehow or another, maybe when the body, mind, and whatever else you want to ascribe to human existence are out of allignment, so to speak.

It also seems related to a certain dimension of current events where a lot of people can’t seem to get enough of nothing. Government replaces family, corn syrup replaces nutrients, media replaces life, and so on. What a surprise, that such emptiness and detachment from nature could be so unfulfilling. Yet, an individual may attempt to justify it all through mustering within themselves some semblance of pride, sentimentality, or even righteous indignation.

Underneath all this seems to be a desire to believe in something like natural rights, which are apparently in a state of perpetual compromise and violation. Maybe there is some relation between these imaginary rights and a delusional sense of entitlement, like some mass exodus from self-responsibility. Maybe that sense of entitlement is related to some deep-rooted fear of nature itself.

With an entire language cultivated within consciousness since birth, it’s good to be able to reflect on what it’s used for. How often is it used for cynical commiseration, shit-talking, and all things related to being an eternal victim, insead of for honest reflection and problem-solving.

Filling the void with emptiness, while regurgitating lifetimes of words that express nothing.

Nature remains indifferent.