Children of the Grave

Riley Painted by Scott Cook

This culture is dedicated to the imitation of life, and there is no scarcity of those who want you to play a very specific role in their dead world.

This sets the stage for a conflict of interests, you might say.

People generally cave in and allow themselves to be assimilated, and then life tends to be all about pettiness and little victories for the phantom ego within a hierarchy of nothing.

While they react to the conditions of their economic captivity in their own neurotic ways, maintain a safe distance and keep quiet while nature takes its course.

Laugh, and know that the creation of anything takes time, in contrast to the prevailent cultural mindscape of instant gratification. A lot of what you experience as frustration is directly related to time. Take your time, but don’t take forever. Embrace discomfort.

Those around you will come and go, and it will remind you that you’re here for a limited number of years.

Accept the physical world as your mentor. Grow a garden or something. You were always fascinated with the earth anyway.

Don’t stop asking questions, and don’t stop creating. Don’t wait for yourself.