The Happy Accidents

Indoctrinating the Pets

Under the careful supervision of giants, he creates a portal with a single crayon. It’s an intuitive process, and one that he hasn’t developed the vocabulary to articulate. It becomes a mantra, with all the elements of sensory perception scrambled beyond all association. He is redefining the meaning of “busywork,” a form of diligence and self-discipline that the giants will define as “autism” with a heartwarming sentiment, as he plays with their precious, pretentious world on a flat piece of paper, sacrificing their image of him to the greater good.

Some important lessons are yet to be understood. Such as, how to do as your told. How to keep your mouth shut. How to talk shit. How to act helpless. How to manipulate. How to commiserate. How to hate. Who to listen to. How to be accepted. How to be distracted. How to be just disciplined enough to earn an income. How to accept welfare. How to accept shitty food that apparently tastes good. How to believe in your diagnosis, and how to take your medication. How to supress your natural survival instincts. How to love your abusers, and how to strive to be like them. How to take your own life (for granted). How to loathe yourself, and embrace the virtues of sadomasochism.

These lessons will be “understood” in ways not necessarily intended, and those who propagate them will be betrayed by their own bodies. Passification for them comes down to the play-out of neurotic charades, while the Joy of Existence is redefined by those who were never meant to be.