The Jester

“Jester Harlequin” by Scott Cook (Oil/Acrylic/Wood, 16″ x 20″)

Jester Harlequin

We play on the ironies of the world.

The Jester exists in the moment, rather than as a character based on past events or ideology, and lives and breathes with infectious joy, whether you like it or not.

We are the Clown and the Fool, and we embody the embrace of paradox.

It’s not that we are oblivious or ignorant, it’s just that we don’t let it weigh us down.

We manage to find common ground in the midst of conflict, just to piss you off.

We are the life of your political party. We mean what we say in the form of a joke.

Our most reserved negative thoughts and feelings are hilarious, especially when we’re not laughing.

While others might be crying at a funeral and wishing each other their condolences, we are more likely to be bringing up old stories that bring back funny memories.

We are not prone to wallowing in the depression of loss since shared moments have an eternal aspect to them that eclipses your addiction to misery and cynicism.

Whichever way an individual wants to interpret us is entirely their fault.

Us and Them: We are Both as well as Neither.